Pallet Cage / Stillage

Half Size Stillage Cage Perth

Part No: EW-PCMH-03-F-WA
NS-PCMH-03-WA is a smaller version of the PCM-01, being only half the height.
$660.00 excl tax

Pallet Cage Special Perth

Part No: EW-PC11
$255.00 excl tax

Steel Pallet Cage

Part No: EW-PC10-G
Heavy duty construction with cupped feet for easy stacking.
$442.00 excl tax

Steel Pallet with Posts

Part No: EW-SPP12
Call for pricing

Stillage Cage Perth

Part No: EW-PCM-01
NS-PCM-01-WA is a multi-use pallet size cage, designed to suit all warehousing and storage requirements.
$600.00 excl tax

Pallet Cage Stock Brisbane and Perth

Part No: EW-PC06-C
Pallet Cages are designed for safe storage and transport of loose or packaged goods in the warehouse and transport industry. The side panels are mounted to an Australian standard (CHEP Style) pallet 1165mm X 1165mm. The pallet cage can easily be transported by either forklift or pallet jack and can be stacked up to 4 units high when empty and 2 units high when loaded.
$610.00 excl tax